Our first competition was Combined Forced & Spot Landings run on Sat 3rd April 2021

$300 First Prize - Ben / Kitfox

$100 Second Prize - Alex / Skyfox

3rd Place Liam / T2

Free box of oil from IOR went to top 3 scores also.

Thanks to IOR Fuel - AVGAS now at Yarram

More than one prize winner (same top scores)?  Prize money split or better still a fly-off .. Details to be agreed between competitors. We suggest closest to the line between the cones will be the winner. This is what happened on the day and there was only 2m between first and second place!

We're going to kept it simple, safe and fair. In some cases using the engine will have to be an honor system. If ground judges hear engine application their call is final unless you call that circuit your practice. Engine application means 20 points will be deducted.

  • All landings were recorded.

Pilot safety and scoring briefing 9.30 AM - Personal briefings were available after 9.30.

  • Competition Started 10AM - All day BBQ.
  • Club Members only (Insurance cover), you could join on the day for 30 days $5.00.
  • Free coffee or tea for new club members.

Pilots can ask to take a "Scoring or Safety Pilot" to help you see trafic etc.

Please cut power mid downwind and only use it once (3 seconds max subject to conditions) for engine warming if required, applied no later than base leg.

You the competitor are pilot in command unless you come to some other arrangement. (More at briefing)

Safety if the Pilot's responsibility at all times.  Going around due traffic will not count against you.

This is a harder competition than a basic forced landing or a spot landing because it combines both. Safety is our #1 priority so each pilot can call one circuit a practice circuit giving a total of 3 if required. In a real life emergency you can imagine it would be helpful to not only make it into the chosen field but touch down at a particular point regardless of not having engine power. Pilots must put the safety of their competition flight above all else hence the extra "free" circuit, also any traffic that's conflicting you can also call a go around.

If in doubt go around. 


Next year 2022 minor changes will include but not limited to:

New Categories
(1) Fixed Wing (2) Weight Shift Trikes (3) Powered Parachutes
Minimum 2 competitors per category so for Cat 2 & 3 get your friends to compete!

New Goal / Scoring

  • Only 2 passes no practice pass which will be set up for early morning or day before
  • Each of 2 passes is scored as closest to the line in meters, there are no boxes
  • First pass is "Touch and Go"
  • Second pass can be roll to landing if distance remaining permits else it's also touch and go 
  • Wheels must remain on the ground for at least 10m from point of touchdown
  • A bounce will deduct 10 points (10m)
  • 2 bounces = No score
  • Hard landing = No score
  • Bad airmanship = No score (More at briefing)

Example score sheet (Update soon)

Forced Landing Comp DRAFT


2022 Advanced Notice - Easter Saturday 16th April

Using the contact form link below let us know your name, phone and plane type/model also where you're coming from / club.. If you know a club member feel free to call them with your details.