Yarram Parkside Aerodrome (YYRM)

is located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) east of Yarram, Victoria, Australia. 3971

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RWY 09/27 756m unsealed

RWY 05/23 1,090m grass

  • Hangar sites available
  • Attractive lease terms
  • Closest mainland airport to Flinders Island
  • Aero Club
  • Uncongested airspace
  • Scenic views
  • Pilot activated lighting
  • AWIS

If you'd like to know more about YAC, feel free to visit us on the last saturday of each month for a bbq from 12 (after our club meeting).

There are club members around to chat to most good flying weekends. If you'd like to join please fill in this form and drop it into the club any time.


Upcoming events will be listed here.

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Easter Forced Landing Competition & Public BBQ

The Yarram aero club forced and spot landing combined competition allows pilots to practice a much-needed skill which is in the event of an engine failure.

A plane will not fall out of the sky but the pilot will be required to land fairly soon so pilots get a chance to show off their skill not only touching the wheels as close as possible to a line drawn across the runway.

To get their plane down on the ground safely without the use of an engine analogy would be driving your car on the freeway turning off the engine and being able to park the car in a designated spot at some point ahead on the road only using your brakes.

Most people think that when a plane loses it it's engine it will fall out of the sky that is not the case and they can actually glide quite a distance just as a glider does!

Easter 2025 Sat April 19th

Public Welcome, starts 10.30 AM

Pilots Safety & Rules briefing 9.30 AM

Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) 0429 825 266 

IOR (Avgas now at Yarram) sponsored our competitions:

Combined Forced & Spot Landings with Draw fly-off held every year.

YARRAM the Town 

"The Yarram district is a beautiful valley, slightly elevated above sea-level; bounded north and west by an amphitheater of mountains 2,000 feet high, the climate is very salubrious, the influence of hot winds not being felt," is how the Australian Handbook described the town in 1903.

Today it is a rural service centre on the Tarra River which is notable for its proximity to Ninety Mile Beach, the outstanding cool rain-forest of the Tarra-Bulga National Park, the Strzelecki Ranges and the wild beauty of Wilsons Promontory.