If you can’t make the meeting someone is always around the club so make contact and we’d be happy to show you around. Especially true on "good flying" weekends, so come along and say hello.

For those interested in having a "proper" trial flight where you may be able to take the controls or thinking about learning to fly - Chief Flying Instructor Allan Jarvis of PAJ Aviation conducts flying training from Yarram using a Jabiru J160 aircraft.

Find a better coffee machine than the one just donated to the club (by our generous president) and we'll give you a cup free!

Check out Video of the Month Eurofox & Tailwind pages, (more soon on our AC page). TRY A SEARCH

Yarram was used as a base for F.E.2b World War 1 aircraft during 1918 |more|

Women's Pilot Association visit Yarram to talk to local students

YARRAM the Town

"The Yarram district is a beautiful valley, slightly elevated above sea-level; bounded north and west by an amphitheater of mountains 2,000 feet high, the climate is very salubrious, the influence of hot winds not being felt," is how the Australian Handbook described the town in 1903. Today it is a rural service centre on the Tarra River which is notable for its proximity to Ninety Mile Beach, the outstanding cool rain-forest of the Tarra-Bulga National Park, the Strzelecki Ranges and the wild beauty of Wilsons Promontory. 

Yarram is located 220 km south-east of Melbourne via the Princes Highway and Hyland Highway and 21 meters above sea level. |more|


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Avgas now at Yarram