Weather information 
BOM meteorological readings Yarram Aerodrome Bureau of Meteorology latest weather observations updated every 10 minutes
BOM Yarram weather predictions BETA site for Yarram Weather Forcasting
Web-cams Yarram Aerodrome 4 Weather-Cameras Yarram (YYRM)
Web-cams and weather information Port Albert 3 Cameras located on Wildfish Restaurant
Victoria Radar and Lightning Tracker Bureau of Meteorology Radar and Lightning Tracker
Technical Information
Flight Radar 24 Live Air Traffic Yarram Area.  Only works for Aircraft fitted with an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) transponder.  More info here..
Ozrunways Tx Live tracking for users of Ozrunways
Eurofox from a Kit A great blog published by the owners/builders of a Eurofox kit
Rotax Owners Website All things Rotax including training videos
Rotax Trouble Shooting "Rotax Troubleshooting and Maintenance from Experience" by Bud Yerly of Custom Flight Creations Inc.
Short Takeoff and Landing Not an official instructional video but interesting


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